Choosing Your Staircase


Choosing Stair Components: - The Rails, Balusters, and Posts.

The best way to choose your stair components is by seeing what looks good and by handling the samples we bring to you upon our initial visit.  When we first come to meet with you on site, we bring an assortment of samples nicely displayed so that you can compare the styles "hands on".  This will help you make these style decisions.  Right now you can look at the different styles of Rails, Balusters, and Posts through our website to see what you like by its looks.  Our component section of the website will show you a variety of choices, point out popular items, and point out stair vocabulary to help you communicate with us.  When we come over, you can then get the feel of your choices and pick our brains to see what works best from a technical and feasible standpoint.  

There are three main stair components; hand rail, balusters, and posts.  The handrail is the top of the stairs that you run your hand along for balance.  Balusters are the "pins" that run between the posts.  The posts are made thicker than balusters and thus structurally stronger to support your handrail.  The balusters run between the posts and have to be a maximum width apart to meet code specifications.  Balusters are set apart so that a child's head cannot fit between them.  First look at the Hand Rails by going to the next button.


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