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Box Stairs
 Benefits, Cost Savings, and Value


What are Pre Fabricated/Box Stairs?

Box Stairs are pre-fabricated set of stairs that are manufactured in our shop. Treads and risers are routered into stringers using our automated equipment. The major benefit of this system of construction is that it ties the whole set of stairs together creating a solid one piece strong structure.  Also, the labor of pre-built versus on site construction saves your cost up to 50%! 

Box Stairs fit virtually any application- straight run, curved, closed sides, open sides, exterior and more.... and can be built to your specifications!

Stair Machine.JPG (149421 bytes)
Manufacturing in Shop
Stair router.JPG (151431 bytes)
Routered Detail for the Treads and Risers
Scan0003.jpg (72274 bytes)
Completed Stairs ready for Transport to Site

Box Stair .JPG (110268 bytes)
Installed Box Stairs
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Box Stair Benefits


  • Cost- can save up to 50% over the traditional method of installing stairs
    By using a box stair, time and labor is saved simply because the
    stair is already assembled, while the materials remain the same

  • No squeaks-Treads and risers are glued and wedged to prevent squeaks

  • Stronger-      Routered stair stringers provide strength to entire system

  • QuickerContractors don’t need to spend time figuring out the stair plan, cutting risers and      treads, and installing.  We do the figuring for you; you simply put the box stair in place.

  • Interior and exterior applications- The box stair can be used for outside decks as well as inside stairs.

  • Ideal for apartments, duplexes and motels Every building that needs stairs can benefit from the box stair system. 

  • Old World quality, modern techniques We still offer the highest quality stair systems—it’s just the technique that has changed

  • SET FIGURE ON COST Bid Projects more accurately by knowing exactly the cost up front.

  • *We can precut the rail, balusters and newels for this system.

  • ACCURACY OF RISE AND RUN -Most carpenters don't know how to use a square. Most carpenters don't know how to calculate rise and run and then after cutting them they find out it was wrong.  For example- who cuts their own rafters any more? That's right- Nobody! It is all pre-built. Mistakes cost money and valuable time. It comes down to time savings and a better product for the consumer.



Cost Analysis
Compare the typical cost of the two types of constructed stairs- stringers treads, and risers, based on a 16 riser staircase that is 3 feet wide.

Traditional On-site construction

 Prebuilt Stairs  

  • 3 stringers typically 2x12 H.Fir  -----$ 135.00  (usually split and warped.)  
  • 2 – 4 x 8 x ¾ OSB ---------------------- $ 45.00
  • 15 OSB Treads ---------------------------$ 95.00  
  • Glue, screws or nails -------------------$ 10.00  
  • TOTAL MATERIALS------------------$ 285.00
  • LABOR -layout, cut & Install ------$ If they cut every thing right the first time) 


  TOTAL COST ------------$605.00



  • 2 stringers typically LVL Stair stringers which are straighter & stronger.

  •   2 – 4 x 8 x ¾ OSB   

  • 15 OSB Treads

  • Glue & wedges 



TOTAL COST -----------------$ 448.00  



Value Analysis

Traditional On-site construction

 Prebuilt Stairs  

All you have is a set of stairs to get from point A to point B- No Extras!  

Now you have a stronger, straighter and more stable set of stairs.  Plus with prebuilt stairs you have skirt boards, a huge savings is you have to come back and put them on-site stairs.


For example: Oak skirts with oak treads and risers are around $55.42 per riser- that would be a total of $886.72.  

In other words, you will have to pay someone labor to come in and put oak skirt boards, treads, and risers for $886.72 

(886.72 plus $605.00 = $1491.00) on the On-site stairs.  

You can upgrade to a stain grade wood with no extra labor cost involved.




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