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     The initial decision is what wood to use.  Often this is decided by what trim you have in your house, what type of flooring, and the color of the walls. Also, you might base this decision on cost- if you want the "real thing" and cost is not a factor, you might want to choose a more expensive wood and show its natural beauty.  Other options are to choose a wood that mimics the natural color of the more expensive woods by staining.  This choice is more economical, and leads to a beautiful finished product.  

Stocked Wood Choices

MAPLE Note: Image of Wood to go here.   Maple is a hard wood with a grain pattern more subtle than that of oak. The grain pattern closely resembles that of cherry, and is commonly stained to look like cherry, since maple is more economical.
OAK   Oak is a grainy, porous wood, which stains well.  It is a hard wood, and is very commonly used.  For a stained stairway, it is our most economical wood.
POPLAR   Poplar is a paint-grade wood.  It doesn't stain well and is usually painted. Many of the balusters in our catalog come primed, which aids in the painting process. 

Other Available Wood Choices

Black Walnut   A very dark hard wood with beautiful grain pattern.  Black Walnut is very durable and sturdy, used most often for the finest furniture.  It is for those who want the finest wood available of this color.
Bass   A light colored hard wood that looks excellent when painted.  Bass is very economical and strong.  
Hickory   Hickory is very hard which makes it extremely durable.  It also has a lot of color variation, and can vary from a dark chocolate brown to a light cream on the same piece of wood.
CHERRY   Cherry is a hard wood with a reddish color and a grain pattern that resembles maple.  It also darkens with age. Cherry is for those folks who want "the real thing" and won't settle for anything less.

 Any Custom Wood Choices are available, as "we can make your dreams a reality"!


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