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Choosing Posts and Balusters: What to look for...

This page is designed to help you choose a post and baluster that you think looks the best in our selection of Posts and Balusters. It outlines what to look for, some of the vocabulary describing various identifying post and baluster attributes, and part numbers.

When looking at a post or a baluster, look for the turn details that you like the best. Each style of baluster or post comes with a part number at the bottom.  Remember or jot down the number of the posts and balusters you like the best.  This is how you can communicate with us your choices of posts and balusters.  When we come for the initial visit, you can get the feel and look of your choices.

Every post and baluster is referred by its turn details- or mid section.  It is called turn details because the posts are made by rotating or turning the posts on a machine called a lathe.  Thus, as the post turns, you created the rounded details that make it interesting.  

This photo illustrates post identifying features


     This post is identified by its number 3500BT or 4500BT.  Both numbers are the same style of post, but of different thicknesses (3 inches vs. 3.5 inches).  This post has square ends, a ball top, and a specific turn detail style. This style of post (based on its turn detail) can have different options.  For instance, you can have this same style of post (turn detail) with a pin top, a mushroom top, different types of wood, or painted.  Our selection of Matching Posts and Balusters show the same style post and balusters with these different options.

When looking at a post or a baluster, look for the turn details that you like the best, since the styles of posts are based around its turn details.  Once you choose a turn detail that you like the best, you can modify the looks of your post or baluster by choosing the variations or options that you can do to this style.  (Note- show the same style post with the different options) These options include: square or round top, painted, thickness, and wood type.  


Once you have chosen the turn detail style you like, you can choose the top end of the posts and balusters to be square or round. The round top posts and balusters are called pin top, maybe after a bowling pin.  Square toped posts look more bold and impressive and pin tops give the feeling of refined and elegant.  


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